Recent & Upcoming Talks


Short-term rentals in Halifax: Politics and policy

David Wachsmuth gives a public lecture at the Halifax Central Library on short-term rentals in Halifax, their impact on local housing …

The politics and policy of short-term rentals

David Wachsmuth gives a public lecture at UPEI on the relationship between short-term rentals and local housing markets.

Global problems, city solutions: A mixed methods analysis of local climate adaptation plans

Hillary Angelo and David Wachsmuth present preliminary findings from their research on local climate planning.

The regional geography of short-term rentals

David Wachsmuth and Danielle Girard present their research on a regional studies approach to short-term rentals.

A vision for living in a sustainable future

David Wachsmuth discusses the challenges and possibilities of urban life in a sustainable future.

Short-term rentals and housing affordability in Canada

David Wachsmuth speaks on a panel on “Municipalities and the affordable housing crisis”, organized by CUPE.

Libraries as urban infrastructure

David Wachsmuth explores the relationship between large public libraries and questions of pressing social need in cities.