Global problems, city solutions: A mixed methods analysis of local climate adaptation plans

Hillary Angelo and David Wachsmuth present preliminary findings from their research on local climate planning.

Adapting urban environments for the future

A theme of the McGill Sustainability Systems Initiative

A vision for living in a sustainable future

David Wachsmuth discusses the challenges and possibilities of urban life in a sustainable future.

Can cities save the planet?

A collaborative project with UC Santa Cruz on global urban sustainability thought and practice

The territory and politics of the post-fossil city

A commentary on Maarten Hajer and Wytske Versteeg's ‘Imagining the post-fossil city’

Green and gray: New ideologies of nature in urban sustainability policy

An interpretation of contemporary urban sustainability thinking through "green urban nature" and "grey urban nature", and case studies of the Ruhr Valley, Vancouver, and Abu Dhabi